Why Doesn’t Tempur Pedic Have a Crib Mattress?

Tempur Pedic mattresses can provide some of the most comfortable sleeping experiences for adults and many adults shopping for crib mattresses wonder whether there are crib mattresses available from the Tempur Pedic brand.

tempur pedic

Tempur Pedic as a brand does not create crib mattress. The main reason that the crib mattresses are not created through the popular brand of mattresses is the fact that the Tempur Pedic brand is designed with plush and soft mattresses in mind. Crib mattresses however, are required to meet specific safety standards when it comes to the mattresses and are required to be firm in order to create a safe sleeping environment for the infant that is being placed in the crib.

Infants being put to sleep through these soft surfaces, like those that are created with Tempur Pedic mattresses can pose the risk of being suffocated while sleeping. Young infants are unable to move themselves and therefore without the support of the firm mattress the infant could become lodged against the mattress and therefore unable to breathe, leading to suffocation and death.

Using a Tempur Pedic style of crib mattresses is not considered to be safe infant practices and parents should wait to use the softer mattresses until the child is in a twin sized bed and outside of the crib.

To learn more information about the Tempur Pedic brand or to find mattresses that are suitable to children the parent can search through the Tempur Pedic website to find the best options available for twin sized beds and larger, once the infant outgrows the crib and toddler bed.

Parents that are shopping for crib mattresses should ensure that a firm crib mattress has been chosen. The firm crib mattress is going to provide the safest sleeping arrangements for the infant as well as promoting healthy spinal development. Though parents may feel that firm may appear as uncomfortable it’s important to realize that they are indeed the safest choice until the infant is ready to be in a larger bed, that can accommodate the larger mattress size.