Why Do Cribs Have Slats and Mattress Pads?

davinciCribs have some very important parts when it comes to their design. Cribs are designed for safety when it comes to creating a secure environment for the infant and the child to sleep in. There are four basic parts that are created for the crib; the mattress, the frame of the crib, the mattress pad and the slats that is going to attach to the frame of the crib and support the mattress for the infant that is going to sleep in the crib.

Slats are one of the integral parts of the crib. These slats are used to support the mattress and ensure that the child is going to remain supported. Slats ensure that the mattress is going to remain supported through the outside edges of the mattress.

This way, the firm edge of the mattress is going to ensure that the infant or child that is sleeping in the crib is going to remain protected. Slats should be attached to the crib through the use of the hardware that is accompanied in the packaging, to ensure that the slats remain in place and keep the crib safe.

Lastly, parents should ensure that the slats are attached to all four sides of the crib to attach to the frame, to reduce the chance of the child becoming lodged in the side of the crib and becoming injured.

Mattress pads are going to ensure that the mattress is going to be protected while in the crib. Babies get all sorts of messes in the crib and a mattress pad is going to help to protect the mattress that has been invested in, allowing the parent to save money and avoid replacing the mattress – extending the life so the parent can use the mattress as part of a traditional toddler bed.