What Baby Crib Mattress Recalls Can Mean for a Parent

cpscBaby products are recalled every single day. The culmination of baby products that are recalled equates to thousands of products each and every year. Cribs and crib mattresses are one of the commonly recalled items that parents should be aware of, replacing the affected items with replacements that provide a safe alternative to the products.

Where can parents learn about baby crib mattress recalls? Signing up for information and registering the products that are purchased is the most effective way to get up to date information regarding the status of the recalls of the products and brands. Alternatively, there are multiple websites and databases that are designed for parents to be aware of the baby product recalls that have occurred. A great place to check about recent issues and recalls with crib mattresses and other baby products is the Consumer Product Safety Commision.

Parents can sign up for alerts regarding specific products that are being used in the home or even daily emails regarding the current product recall taking place. Using these few avenues to learn about the recalls of baby products, parents can remain aware of the recalls, ensuring that products that have been purchased remain safe to use.

What are some of the reasons that baby crib mattresses are recalled?

  • Construction throughout the crib has failed causing support to lack throughout the edges or the frame of the crib mattress, posing a risk for infants to become lodged in the space between the crib and crib mattress
  • Potentially harmful toxins have been found throughout the crib mattress design in the textiles and components that are used in the construction of the mattress

The crib mattress once is one of the most important items that is going to be purchased for the infant and should be used only when safe. Parents that have learned of crib mattress recalls should stop using the crib mattress immediately, and contact the company that is managing the recall situation.

What happens when the crib is recalled? Parents are often given a replacement product to replace the old crib mattress, which can be picked up at the place of purchase upon the return of the old mattress.