Using a Crib Tent

crib tentCrib tents are just like they sound; a tent that is placed over the top of the crib. Though you may be under the impression that the crib tent is used for decoration to create a focal point in the room this is not the case. The crib tent is used in the space to ensure that a toddler that has learned to climb out of the crib is going to remain safe while sleeping in the crib and is going to not get hurt in the case that they are able to climb out of the crib.

This tent is attached to the top of the crib and is often created from white netting to ensure that there is adequate air flow throughout the crib tent and to ensure that the child remains safe while in the crib. Often extending about two feet high on top of the crib, it can be a great way to ensure that your toddler remains in place when you put them to bed and that they are not going to fall on the floor as it can be upwards of four feet high through the fall, depending on the type of crib that is being used in the nursery.

There are many online retailers that sell crib tents and they can also be found through baby boutiques located throughout the community. Since there are many options that are available when it comes to crib tents, the parent can make the decision based on the type of crib the tent is being used with and whether the tent is compatible with the design that has been created in the tent.

It’s a great way to ensure that your child remains safe while sleeping in the crib, as it can be quite scary once the toddler learns to climb and can fall from the crib.