The Link Between SIDS and Crib Mattress Covers

Crib mattress covers are designed to protect the crib mattress from the inevitable messes that parents of infants are going to experience. From diaper blow-outs to spit-up, the crib mattress pad can be used to protect the expensive crib mattress and ensure that it is going to remain bacteria free.

Used to protect the crib mattress, it’s important for the parent to make the right choice of crib mattress for the infant. Though there are crib mattress covers available from leading brands, department stores and baby boutiques; parents should research the brands, types of mattress covers and components used throughout the crib mattress to help make the right decision.

Though extensive research has been completed regarding infants suffering from SIDS and the sleeping arrangements, including where and how they sleep – there have still been few correlations made with the fatal condition. Making safer choices when it comes to the crib, crib mattress and crib mattress covers are thought to reduce the instance of infants suffering from SIDS.

What choices can parents make regarding crib mattress covers to reduce the chances of the infant being affected by SIDS?

If crib mattress covers are chosen for the crib it is important to choose crib mattress covers that are going to protect the crib without choosing crib mattresses that are going to increase the plush surface and reduce the firm and safe surface of the crib mattress. Parents should choose thin crib mattresses that can repel water or absorb the water into the crib mattress that isn’t going to affect the mattress.

In addition, parents should choose crib mattress covers that are created with natural components throughout the layers and surface. Studies have demonstrated that choosing organic crib mattresses and crib mattress covers can reduce the chances of SIDS, as there have been correlations between the common chemicals found in crib mattresses and the chances of the infant developing SIDS.

Researching the types of materials that are used throughout the crib mattress and the type of crib mattress can be an effective way for parents to ensure that the child is going to remain safe while sleeping – increasing the chances that the parent is going to be able to receive a sound night’s sleep as well.

  • B. T. Smith

    I have experienced strong negative reactions to PVC, foam mattress products. I suppect respiratory systems of babies could be negatively impacted to the point of death. Additionally, babies that survive exposure to PVC, could become mentally impaired and thus, develop Autism.
    Since we now know that VOCs are not environmentally safe, could the same be said for PVC exposure ?