The Dangers of Drop Down Cribs

Drop down cribs that allow the parent to easily pull down the side for easy access to the child that is sleeping in the crib are some of the most popular models of cribs that are sold. Last year however, there was a recall that affected ninety percent of these cribs that had been sold by various companies, prompting parents to determine whether their crib was a model that was going to be affected by this recall.

The recall occurred because drop side down cribs were becoming detached in some cases and the child was getting lodged in between the drop side and the space where the crib mattress met the side of the crib, at times resulting in suffocation of the child that had been sleeping in the crib.

As a result of the recall more and more parents have chosen cribs that have stationary sides and cribs that can be easily converted into other types of beds, as well.

Although drop down side cribs were considerably less expensive than some of the models with stationary sides or some of the models that are considered to be convertible cribs, it is important to create a safe environment for the infant that is sleeping in the crib and even if the infant is stationary while sleeping and not moving around yet, rolling from front to back or back to front, creating the best environment for the child and choosing the safest cribs in most cases now means choosing an alternative option to the drop side cribs that are so popular.

Though there are some drop side crib models that are proven safe, it is important to research any crib models that have been inherited or gifted from family members, as well as to research the various models that are being considered when the parents are buying used cribs.