Starlight Support Supreme Crib Mattress Review

Starlight Supreme Crib MattressChoosing the right crib mattress can be a decision that comes with many options. Should you choose an organic or a non-organic crib mattress? Should you choose a crib mattress that’s one sided or a two in one crib mattress. With the many decisions that must be made when choosing between the mattresses, parents often find the choices overwhelming.

The Starlight Support Supreme Crib mattress can provide parents with a high quality crib mattress that is created as one piece, using foam to create the strong mattress core, allowing the parent to rest assured that there are no holes within the mattress to invite dust mites, or allow allergens to hide within the seams of the mattress.

Throughout the foam core of the mattress, there are two sides that can help to extend the life of the mattress and allow parents to choose the right side for the child depending on their age and stage that they are sleeping in. The two sided mattress includes an extra firm foam side for infants to ensure that the infant is going to remain safe while sleeping, and remain in the same spot without sinking into the mattress. The second side of the mattress has been designed with plush memory foam that is perfect for toddlers that require a softer and more comfortable sleeping surface.

High density firm foam is used throughout the infant side of the mattress to create a safe haven for infants sleeping in the mattress. The foam used throughout the mattress is ensured that the child is going to remain safe while sleeping in the crib.

The two sided foam mattress can allow parents to use the crib mattress for infants throughout the firmer side, and transition the child to a toddler bed – switching to the second side of the mattress to create a more plush sleeping experience.

Parents can save money replacing the crib mattress for the toddler bed and even get more use from the mattress for more than one child. This way, parents can reduce the money spent on baby gear in the budget – using the mattress for up to four years for the child.

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