Standard Crib Mattress Size

There are two sizes of standard crib mattresses that are available for parents to choose from when it comes to creating the nursery. The standard size crib mattress is a versatile option that can allow the parent to transition the mattress into a toddler bed for a child up to the age of three and the smaller version of the crib mattress can enable the parent to create a smaller sized crib that has been designed for a smaller scale nursery, an additional crib that can be used in the parent’s room or even a travel size crib that can be a great option for parents on the go.

Taking into account the standard crib size of the mattress can help the parent to choose bedding that is going to be used for the mattress. Most crib bedding sets include a fitted crib sheet that is suitable for the standard mattress size, as well as a blanket that can be coordinated with the bedding and a bumper pad that can help to avoid scrapes and bumps from the hard edges of the crib. These pieces are often specified to the standard crib size and can be a great way to ensure that the child is going to remain comfortable in the crib, but also to ensure that the parent can avoid the confusion that comes from shopping for bedding for a specific crib.

When choosing between crib mattresses and cribs, it is important to realize that most options are going to be created in standard sizes. This can ensure that there is an ease in shopping when it comes to finding the right crib and the right bedding. This way, the parent can easily shop in store and online, making sure that they are shopping for the same size, every time.

Using the internet to compare the various features of each mattress can help the parent to find the standard crib mattress that is going to suit the room best. Though there are many options that can be chosen from, some of the most popular are organic mattresses that are created without chemicals and toxins that are used through the design components.