Should You Use a Bumper Pad in Your Crib?

Like many things when it comes to caring for infants, the opinions of certain practices seem to change from time to time as more research is completed. Recently, there has been a debate of whether parents should make use of the bumper pads that have been a popular part of crib sets for decades, in the crib. The bumper pads are often attached to the interior of the crib to prevent the infant in the crib from hitting their heads on the side of the crib and hurting themselves. These bumper pads wrap around the entire interior of the crib and have been a great safety measure in the past.

Though more and more experts are recommending that these crib bumper pads be removed from the crib sets, many parents are considering both sides of the argument before making the decision.

On one hand, the child can remain safe from bumps and bruises, especially children that are just learning to roll over – and on the other hand there have been instances in which children have been suffocated with the pads or have gotten caught in between the bumper pads that are present in the crib.

It is important for parents to remain diligent, regardless of the decision that has been made when it comes to the bumper pads. Parents should ensure that the bumper pads are attached securely to the crib and ensure that the child is not able to become lodged on the outside of the bumper pad and become stuck, or hurt while in the crib.

Ensuring that the bumper has been attached to the crib correctly and that the right size bumper pad is used for the crib can help to reduce the potential injuries that have occurred in the past, ensuring the safety of the child and the peace of mind of the parent.