Modern Crib Trend: White and Dark Contrasting Cribs

Modern Crib TrendThis is one of the biggest trends that we have seen through the last year and it looks like it is going to continue into the next year. Designer crib companies are using contrasting finishes through the styles of the cribs that are being created to create dark and light finishes, like white and espresso on alternating sides of the crib.

High end designer brands are creating these styles that are sitting low to the ground and being created as some of the most stylish crib models that are available to choose from. Searching for these cribs can allow you to find inspiration through baby blogs, nursery design blogs and even through blogs that follow the latest trends for babies and toddlers.

While decorating the room around these styles of cribs, there are many options that are available. The parent can choose to decorate the room using tones of both colors through the other pieces of furniture in the room or even choose to leave the crib as a focal point in the room, sticking to one color of finish for the other pieces in the room.

The crib is one of the largest pieces in the room and can easily become a focal point through the space. For this reason, many parents choose a crib that is going to be able to live up to the stylish expectations that are required of the crib, ensuring that the crib is able to create a functional piece of eye candy in the nursery that is being decorated.

The white and dark contrasting also make for a high style toddler bed when the popular styles of convertible cribs are chosen throughout the space. This way, it has never been easier to create a sense of high style in the room that works for infants, as well as toddlers.