How a Crib Mattress Should Fit

Though crib mattresses are available in standard sizes, parents shopping around for crib mattresses are often still confused when it comes to the type and size of crib mattress that is going to be used in the crib.

Learning to identify the features of a proper fitting crib mattress can help parents to make the right choice while ensuring the highest level of safety for the infant.
Some of the things that parents should consider when finding the right fit for the crib mattress include:

Crib Mattresses Should Meet Crib Frame with No Gaps
Gaps between the crib mattress and the crib that has been chosen for the infant are one of the most dangerous risks that are posed to infants sleeping in the mattress. Gaps between the mattresses can allow the infant to become lodged between the crib and mattress, endangering the infant that is unable to roll over or move themselves from the crevice.

Crib Mattresses Should be at the Right Level
When building the crib, parents should ensure that the infant is not in danger of falling out of the crib. There are often three levels for parents to choose from when building the crib and depending on the depth of the crib mattress, parents may have to adjust the crib accordingly.

Parents can use the higher setting for infants that are unable to roll over or crawl on their own, but move the crib mattress down when the infant reaches these milestones. Finally, once the infant is able to stand on their own the parent should adjust the crib down even further to reduce the chance of the infant standing, falling or even climbing out of the crib and endangering themselves.

The Crib Mattress should not Sag at the Edges
Choosing reinforced crib mattresses throughout the exterior edges of the mattress can reduce the sagging that can occur, that can be potentially dangerous for the infant sleeping in the crib. Choose a reinforced crib mattress to ensure that the child is going to remains safe, from leading brands providing quality without breakdown of support over time.