Dream On Me 3″ Portable Crib Mattress Review

Portable cribs are often not suitable for sleeping because of the lack of support that is designed throughout the bottom layer.

Dream On Me 3With the one inch pad created from nothing but foam included with the mattress, parents are often seeking an option to create a comforting and supportive layer throughout the portable crib to ensure a healthy and easy sleep. The Dream on Me 3” portable crib mattress provides the support that is needed throughout the portable crib, allowing the child to sleep comfortably in the crib – and ensuring the parent peace of mind.

The Dream on Me 3” portable crib mattress creates a cloud-like sleeping experience for the infant or toddler sleeping in the crib.

The luxurious layers are three times as thick as the regular mattress pads that are included with the pack and play systems that are purchased from traditional retail stores. The mattress can provide a soft support throughout the mattress for the infant or toddler and can ensure that the child is going to be able to sleep comfortably.

The portable mattress is not only soft, but durable too. The Dream on Me Mattress includes a waterproof layer throughout the top of the mattress to create a surface that is easily wiped clean with soap and water, and can therefore ward against mold, mildew and other elements that can affect the quality of the crib.

The cover is also created with non-allergenic components on top of the antibacterial treatment that can be found throughout the interior and exterior of the mattress. Parents can rest assured that if the surface does become soiled, it can be easily wiped with warm water and soap without worrying about bacterial growth on the mattress.

This way, parents can ensure that the child is going to remain safe, dry and bacteria free – even after those accidents that are common with infants and toddlers sleeping in the crib.

The portable crib mattress is the perfect choice for parents that are looking for an alternative to the cheap foam mattresses included with portable cribs, ensuring that the nap time is going to be a comforting experience, wherever it happens.