Colgate Innerspring Crib Mattress Review

colgate innerspring crib mattressColgate crib mattresses are created from high quality textiles, high quality coils and other construction methods. Ranked as some of the highest quality crib mattresses with both parents and professionals, Colgate mattresses are a great option for parents seeking a high quality and durable option for the crib of the infant, and a mattress that is going to easily transition into a toddler bed for their child.

Innerspring crib mattresses are created with actual springs and coils within the mattress. Though there are many crib mattresses that are created with layers of textiles, springs and coils are going to ensure that the high quality mattress is going to remain durable from infancy until the time the toddler stage is reached, but also allows the parent to use the mattress with multiple children.

All mattresses that are created in the Colgate brand are Greenguard certified, which means that there are no toxins and other adverse chemicals that are going to affect the development of infants and children that are sleeping on the mattresses.

Colgate 2 in 1 Innerspring Crib MattressThese mattresses are used in both educational facilities and also through many hospitals. This way, parents that are making the choice of a Colgate mattress for their home can ensure that they are getting the highest quality crib mattress available, ensuring the highest level of safety for the child sleeping on the mattress.

There are many styles and types of mattresses that are available through the brand and parents can choose types of mattresses that are going to suit the needs, the style of crib that has been chosen and even the durability that they would like to create.

Choosing a durable mattress that will easily wipe clean can help to increase the durability of the mattress, as children are bound to spit up and toddlers are bound to have accidents in the bed.

Taking these aspects into account, parents that choose a durable mattress that is created from a textile that is going to wick the moisture away from the surface is going to ensure that the crib is going to outlast other brands that are unprotected.

  • Givans1980

    I have become increasingly wary of mattresses, including crib mattresses. It is insane the number of and type of chemicals found in the places we SLEEP! And considering that our babies are more sensitive to chemicals…I hate to entertain the thought. I discovered the chemicals by browsing a mattress review site