The Link Between SIDS and Crib Mattress Covers

Crib mattress covers are designed to protect the crib mattress from the inevitable messes that parents of infants are going to experience. From diaper blow-outs to spit-up, the crib mattress pad can be used to protect the expensive crib mattress and ensure that it is going to remain bacteria free.

Used to protect the crib mattress, it’s important for the parent to make the right choice of crib mattress for the infant. Though there are crib mattress covers available from leading brands, department stores and baby boutiques; parents should research the brands, types of mattress covers and components used throughout the crib mattress to help make the right decision.

Though extensive research has been completed regarding infants suffering from SIDS and the sleeping arrangements, including where and how they sleep … Continue Reading >>

What Baby Crib Mattress Recalls Can Mean for a Parent

cpscBaby products are recalled every single day. The culmination of baby products that are recalled equates to thousands of products each and every year. Cribs and crib mattresses are one of the commonly recalled items that parents should be aware of, replacing the affected items with replacements that provide a safe alternative to the products.

Where can parents learn about baby crib mattress recalls? Signing up for information and registering the products that are purchased is the most effective way to get up to date information regarding the status of the recalls of the products and brands. Alternatively, there are multiple websites and databases that are designed for parents to be aware of the baby product recalls that have occurred. A great place to check about recent issues and … Continue Reading >>

Why Doesn’t Tempur Pedic Have a Crib Mattress?

Tempur Pedic mattresses can provide some of the most comfortable sleeping experiences for adults and many adults shopping for crib mattresses wonder whether there are crib mattresses available from the Tempur Pedic brand.

tempur pedic

Tempur Pedic as a brand does not create crib mattress. The main reason that the crib mattresses are not created through the popular brand of mattresses is the fact that the Tempur Pedic brand is designed with plush and soft mattresses in mind. Crib mattresses however, are required to meet specific safety standards when it comes to the mattresses and are required to be firm in order to create a safe sleeping environment for the infant that is being placed in the crib.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Brand New Crib Mattress

The crib mattress is an important part of the nursery and can ensure a safe and healthy night’s sleep for the infant sleeping in the crib. Ranging in price between as low as sixty dollars and as high as several hundred dollars for organic, specialty or premium crib mattresses – many parents wonder if they should cut the costs and buy used.

Though a used crib mattress may seem like a cost-effective option, there are a few factors that parents should consider before choosing to cut the costs and buy a used crib mattress.

Here are some of the reasons parents might want to consider a new mattress:

New Mattresses Have Up to Date Safety Standards
Used crib mattresses are easily available but it can be difficult to know when … Continue Reading >>

5 Reasons Your Baby Crib Mattress Should Be Firm

Firm crib mattresses are recommended by pediatricians and health care experts and should be purchased by parents that are preparing for the birth of their child. Firm crib mattresses are available from leading retailers and brands, providing parents with many budget friendly options to choose a firm crib mattress.

5 Reasons the crib mattress should be firm include:

  1. Firm crib mattresses are actually more comfortable than soft crib mattresses and provide a more restful sleep for the infant that is sleeping on the crib mattress. This leads to better quality sleeping environments which will lead to a happier infant.
  2. Firm crib mattresses provide a safer sleeping surface. Firm crib mattresses allow the infant to remain safe as they are not wedged in between soft fabrics before they are developmentally able
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Cheap and Inexpensive Organic Crib Mattresses

Naturepedic Quilted Organic Cotton Deluxe Crib MattressOrganic crib mattresses don’t have to be the most expensive choice available. Parents shopping for organic crib mattresses are more likely to find that affordable prices for organic crib mattresses are popping up all over the internet – and even in the local big box stores, making it simple to find a cheap organic crib mattress.

Shop online to find the best choices for organic crib mattresses, at the most affordable rates. There are many websites that not only offer discounted eco-friendly and organic items but also offer the customer discounts, loyalty points and free shipping of the mattress.

Using these deals, parents can choose a natural and organic crib mattress without breaking the bank. While shopping online, parents can even use the reviews that are available of the … Continue Reading >>