Can You Reuse a Baby Crib Mattress?

For parents considering adding to the family one of the things that is often considered are the baby items that must be purchased and those that are leftover from previous children, or hand me downs that are available from family members. Using these items, parents can reduce the cost of having a second child and adding to the family.

To determine whether a crib mattress should be reused for a second child it’s important to consider the history of the mattress, the age of the mattress and the specific type.

baby crib mattress

Are you familiar with the family that has used the crib mattress if it hasn’t been used personally by you? Are there pets in the home or exposure to second hand smoke? Second hand smoke and pet dander can linger throughout, causing the infant to suffer from allergies, and even increase the risk of the infant developing SIDS.

When considering whether to reuse the mattress the parent should also consider the age of the mattress. Crib mattresses are generally safe for reusing within five years, after which time the components of the mattress can begin to degrade and compromise the support in the mattress. Firm support is recommended for infants and therefore the age of the mattress is an essential part of determining whether the mattress can be re-used.

Next, consider the type of mattress including the brand and research the mattress to determine when it was manufactured to determine whether there are any recalls present for the crib mattress. No matter how great the price of the crib mattress, if the mattress has been recalled for any reason the parent should avoid using the mattress as it can lead to harm for the infant sleeping on the crib mattress.

Once these factors have been determined the parent can make the decision whether it is beneficial to their family to reuse the mattress. As an alternative, there are many quality but affordable crib mattresses available through big box stores and online retailers – creating affordable and safer sleeping solutions.