Buying a Used Crib Mattress to Save Money 

Having a baby can be an expensive time. Most parents don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on all of the gear required for the child and are trying to find ways to lower the cost of the baby gear required, choosing previously used items can be a great way to save, as parents are able to find popular baby items and nursery gear for less than fifty percent of the original cost of the items being purchased. 

Using the online classified ads and even the popular baby consignment stores in the local area can be a great place to start looking for a crib mattress. These places have a variety of brands, and crib mattresses that are suited to a variety of budgets.

Colgate EcoSpring Ultra II Crib MattressA great idea to save money, a used crib mattress can be a great idea to stretch the budget. However, there are certain things that the parent should consider when buying a used crib mattress. 

Factors that should be considered before buying the use crib mattress include: 

Parents should ensure that the used crib mattress being purchased is purchased from a non-smoking, non-pet home to avoid allergens being attached to the mattress. Parents should inspect the mattress and ensure that it’s free from stains, dust-mites and evidence that the mattress has been exposed to bed bugs.

Parents should consider the model of the mattress, the age of the mattress and the brand and model number to ensure that the mattress is going to be safe for the infant sleeping in the mattress. Using the model and brand information can allow the parent to simply enter the information online, to determine whether there have been any recalls that may affect the safety of the mattress.

Parents should consider the age of the mattress that is being purchased. After five to seven years, the fibers and components of the mattress that provide support can begin to break-down, causing the support to suffer and reduce the safety of the mattress.

Using these factors, customers purchasing used crib mattresses can ensure that they are getting a safe crib mattress that’s also budget friendly.