5 Reasons Your Baby Crib Mattress Should Be Firm

Firm crib mattresses are recommended by pediatricians and health care experts and should be purchased by parents that are preparing for the birth of their child. Firm crib mattresses are available from leading retailers and brands, providing parents with many budget friendly options to choose a firm crib mattress.

5 Reasons the crib mattress should be firm include:

  1. Firm crib mattresses are actually more comfortable than soft crib mattresses and provide a more restful sleep for the infant that is sleeping on the crib mattress. This leads to better quality sleeping environments which will lead to a happier infant.
  2. Firm crib mattresses provide a safer sleeping surface. Firm crib mattresses allow the infant to remain safe as they are not wedged in between soft fabrics before they are developmentally able to turn over. Firm mattresses ensure that the child remains on their back to sleep, increasing the safety of the sleeping experience.
  3. Crib mattresses should be firm to reduce the instances of the infant becoming lodged in between the crib mattress and the side of the crib. Firm crib mattresses are designed with rods for support that are placed throughout the edges of the crib to ensure that the edges remain firm while the infant is lying on them.
  4. Firm crib mattresses can significantly reduce the chances of the infant suffering from potentially fatal conditions, like SIDS.
  5. Crib mattresses should be firm to provide the support needed for the growing body of the infant. The firm crib mattress is going to ensure that posture and development are in line to create healthier growing, even while sleeping. Since the infant spends a large amount of time in the crib, this is an essential component to choosing the right crib mattress.

Firm crib mattresses are generally the safest choice for parents that are furnishing the nursery or the home. It is important to research and compare the features of each of the mattresses before making the decision of which model is going to work best.

Choose crib mattresses with coils throughout the design, or firm layers, to make sure the infant remains safe while sleeping.