5 Reasons to Buy a Brand New Crib Mattress

The crib mattress is an important part of the nursery and can ensure a safe and healthy night’s sleep for the infant sleeping in the crib. Ranging in price between as low as sixty dollars and as high as several hundred dollars for organic, specialty or premium crib mattresses – many parents wonder if they should cut the costs and buy used.

Though a used crib mattress may seem like a cost-effective option, there are a few factors that parents should consider before choosing to cut the costs and buy a used crib mattress.

Here are some of the reasons parents might want to consider a new mattress:

New Mattresses Have Up to Date Safety Standards
Used crib mattresses are easily available but it can be difficult to know when the crib mattress was manufactured, how the crib mattress has been used and what conditions the crib mattress has been exposed to. Choosing a new crib mattress ensures that the safety standards are going to be current.

New Crib Mattresses Contain Fewer Allergens
Used crib mattresses can be washed throughout the surface or protected with crib mattress covers and mattress pads, but it can be difficult to know what the crib mattress has been exposed to. Pets, exposure to smoke and potential allergens in the environment can cause a reaction in the infant sleeping on the mattress and can be avoided by choosing a new mattress.

Quality of Mattresses Degrade over Time
The quality of crib mattresses can degrade over time. This can cause the coils and other support systems in the mattress to become less supportive and sag, leading to safety issues developing while using the crib. Choosing a new crib ensures that the mattress is going to remain safe.

Recall Warnings are Easier to Find for New Mattresses
Just as it can be difficult to determine whether the crib mattress meets safety standards, it can also be difficult to tell if the crib mattress has been recalled. Buying a new crib mattress ensures that current alerts on recalls are available for the crib mattress that has been chosen.

New Crib Mattresses are Convertible
The technology in new crib mattresses allow the parent to use the firm side of the mattress for infants, and a softer side for toddlers. This can expand the use of the mattress from a crib to toddler bed and reduce the cost of the mattress being replaced in the future.