Can You Reuse a Baby Crib Mattress?

For parents considering adding to the family one of the things that is often considered are the baby items that must be purchased and those that are leftover from previous children, or hand me downs that are available from family members. Using these items, parents can reduce the cost of having a second child and adding to the family.

To determine whether a crib mattress should be reused for a second child it’s important to consider the history of the mattress, the age of the mattress and the specific type.

baby crib mattress

Are you familiar with the family that has used the crib mattress if it hasn’t been used personally by you? Are there pets in the home or exposure to second hand smoke? Second hand smoke and pet dander can linger … Continue Reading >>

5 Reasons to Buy a Brand New Crib Mattress

The crib mattress is an important part of the nursery and can ensure a safe and healthy night’s sleep for the infant sleeping in the crib. Ranging in price between as low as sixty dollars and as high as several hundred dollars for organic, specialty or premium crib mattresses – many parents wonder if they should cut the costs and buy used.

Though a used crib mattress may seem like a cost-effective option, there are a few factors that parents should consider before choosing to cut the costs and buy a used crib mattress.

Here are some of the reasons parents might want to consider a new mattress:

New Mattresses Have Up to Date Safety Standards
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5 Reasons Your Baby Crib Mattress Should Be Firm

Firm crib mattresses are recommended by pediatricians and health care experts and should be purchased by parents that are preparing for the birth of their child. Firm crib mattresses are available from leading retailers and brands, providing parents with many budget friendly options to choose a firm crib mattress.

5 Reasons the crib mattress should be firm include:

  1. Firm crib mattresses are actually more comfortable than soft crib mattresses and provide a more restful sleep for the infant that is sleeping on the crib mattress. This leads to better quality sleeping environments which will lead to a happier infant.
  2. Firm crib mattresses provide a safer sleeping surface. Firm crib mattresses allow the infant to remain safe as they are not wedged in between soft fabrics before they are developmentally able
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