Colgate EcoSpring Ultra II Crib Mattress Review

Colgate EcoSpring Ultra II Crib MattressThe Colgate EcoSpring Ultra II Crib Mattress combines the firmness needed for a mattress designed for an infant, with the layers of filling that help to create the comfort to offset the firm support. This way, parents can ensure that the child is going to remain both safe and comfortable while sleeping in the crib.

Firmness throughout the mattress is created with the reinforced steel rods that are placed throughout the borders, to ensure the highest level of safety standards are met, and one hundred and fifty steel 13.5 gauge steel rods that are placed vertically throughout the mattress to provide adequate support.

To create a healthy mattress for the child that is safe, but also reduced in the traditional toxins that are found in other crib mattresses, petroleum oils … Continue Reading >>

Starlight Support Supreme Crib Mattress Review

Starlight Supreme Crib MattressChoosing the right crib mattress can be a decision that comes with many options. Should you choose an organic or a non-organic crib mattress? Should you choose a crib mattress that’s one sided or a two in one crib mattress. With the many decisions that must be made when choosing between the mattresses, parents often find the choices overwhelming.

The Starlight Support Supreme Crib mattress can provide parents with a high quality crib mattress that is created as one piece, using foam to create the strong mattress core, allowing the parent to rest assured that there are no holes within the mattress to invite dust mites, or allow allergens to hide within the seams of the mattress.

Throughout the foam core of the mattress, there are two sides that can … Continue Reading >>

Natura Classic Crib Mattress Pad Review

Natura Classic Crib Mattress PadCrib mattress pads are generally used to protect the crib mattress for the infant, but the Natura classic crib mattress pad includes this and many more features throughout the design that aren’t found in traditional crib mattresses. These details make the Natura classic crib mattress pad a healthy choice for the baby, as well as the best choice for the crib.

Other mattress pads can create a barrier between the crib mattress and the infant, causing heat to become trapped in the mattress pad and cause the child to be uncomfortable while sleeping. The wool layers that are interwoven into the Natura classic crib mattress pad are used to wick the heat and moisture away from the infant while they are sleeping, leading to a more comfortable sleep for the … Continue Reading >>

Naturepedic Quilted Organic Cotton Deluxe Crib Mattress Review

Naturepedic Quilted Organic Cotton Deluxe Crib MattressThe organic filling found throughout the mattress to help complete the support system is continued throughout the exterior of the mattress in a quilted organic cotton pattern that feels luxurious to the touch, while providing a safe sleeping experience for infants and toddlers free of harsh chemicals found in traditional crib mattresses.

The luxurious cotton design of the mattress is supported with 252 coils throughout the interior of the mattress to create a firm and safe sleeping experience for baby. The coils are formed vertically to ensure that the mattress is going to remain firm and supportive throughout the entire time it’s being used, whether for one child, two children or even three children.

The 252 inner-coils used throughout the mattress are reinforced with heavy duty edging throughout the Naturepedic Continue Reading >>