Crib Mattresses in Stores at Target and Babies R’ Us

Shopping for crib mattresses leaves most parents with a few key choices in made while choosing between the various stores. Babies R Us and Target are two of the most popular destinations while shopping for cribs, crib mattresses and other pieces of baby gear because of the simple fact that it can easily be a one-stop-shop for everything that is needed for the nursery, including the choice of multiple brands and types of crib mattresses.

What should be considered when shopping around for a crib mattress? There are many types of mattresses that are available for cribs and mattresses that suit many budgets. Babies R Us and Target have many brands and types of crib mattresses, as well as various mattresses that are suited to parents with different pricing points.… Continue Reading >>

How is an Organic Crib Mattress Different from a Normal Crib Mattress?

organic crib mattressThere are multiple differences between the traditional crib mattresses that are available for infants from leading brands, and crib mattresses that have been created with organic materials. Aside from being healthier, organic crib mattresses can promote a healthy living environment for the infant that is going to be sleeping in the mattress.

There are three main differences in organic crib mattresses, these include; the materials that are used to create the interior of the crib, the exterior components of the crib, and the processing method that is used to manufacture the crib.

The combination of these three factors are used in conjunction with one another to create a naturally formed crib mattress, with natural components, that contains to chemicals or other potentially harmful toxins that the infant sleeping in the … Continue Reading >>

Why Do Cribs Have Slats and Mattress Pads?

davinciCribs have some very important parts when it comes to their design. Cribs are designed for safety when it comes to creating a secure environment for the infant and the child to sleep in. There are four basic parts that are created for the crib; the mattress, the frame of the crib, the mattress pad and the slats that is going to attach to the frame of the crib and support the mattress for the infant that is going to sleep in the crib.

Slats are one of the integral parts of the crib. These slats are used to support the mattress and ensure that the child is going to remain supported. Slats ensure that the mattress is going to remain supported through the outside edges of the mattress.

This … Continue Reading >>

Safety Concerns with Crib Mattresses

sealy baby posturepedic crib mattressSafety should be the first consideration when buying a crib mattress for an infant. Parents are going to want to ensure that the infant remains safe while sleeping in the crib, to ensure that the parents are going to have peace of mind while they are resting. Learning about the guidelines and common safety features that are associated with crib mattresses can help parents to make the right decision.

Some of the common safety concerns about mattresses include:

Is the mattress firm enough?
Mattresses that are designed for infants must be firm to ensure that the infant is going to remain in the position that they are placed, on the back, and ensure that they are not going to roll onto the stomach or side before they are unable to … Continue Reading >>

Are Crib Mattresses All The Same Size?

One of the most common questions that parents encounter while shopping for a crib is whether the crib mattress that will chosen will fit the various models of cribs that are being considered. Learning about the sizing of crib mattresses can help to take the guesswork out of shopping for a crib mattress, and can help to save time while searching through department stores, big-box stores and trendy baby stores.

kolcraft pediatric 2500 crib mattressThough standard crib mattresses are created with the same dimensions regarding the length and the width to ensure that the mattress is going to fit in the crib, the depth of the crib and materials that are used to construct the crib are not created equal. For this reason, it’s important to consider this information while shopping. The depth can … Continue Reading >>