Sealy Perfect Rest Crib Mattress Review

sealy perfect rest crib mattressFor parents looking for a mattress that is able to provide firm support, while still being soft enough for the child to remain comfortable on, the Sealy Perfect Rest Crib mattress provides the child or infant with support through the one hundred fifty coils created through the mattress. Rods are implemented through the sides and the corners of the mattress to exemplify the support that is offered through the mattress.

Parents are often repeat buyers of the popular type of mattress from Sealy, as the Perfect Rest Crib Mattress provides the first child with an effective and restful sleep, that they consider the mattress for future children.

Features included in the mattress like laminate and vinyl binding can ensure that the parent is able to easily clean and sanitize the … Continue Reading >>

Sealy Baby Posturepedic Crown Jewel Mattress Review

Sealy Baby Posturepedic Crown Jewel MattressChoosing a crib mattress can be difficult. It is important to make the choice of a mattress that is going to ensure the child remains protected and safe, through a firm but comfortable mattress but also to ensure that the mattress is going to provide support for the growing child.

Support is created through the unique coil system in the mattress, to ensure that the child is going to be supported while sleeping on their back as an infant, as well as being supported while sleeping on their side or their stomach as toddler. Through the innovative technology, the mattress can bring forth the best support for the growing infant and toddler, for a great price.

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Dimensions of a Crib Mattress

A large part of designing the nursery is to design the focal point of the room. For many parents, the focal point of the room is going to be created with the largest piece – the crib.

Planning the space requires the parent to judge the size of the crib and learning the dimensions of a crib mattress can help the parent to do this. Standard crib and standard crib mattress dimensions are all the same in order to allow the parents ease while planning the space, allowing the parents to easily plan the room around where the crib is going to be situated.

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Standard Crib Mattress Size

There are two sizes of standard crib mattresses that are available for parents to choose from when it comes to creating the nursery. The standard size crib mattress is a versatile option that can allow the parent to transition the mattress into a toddler bed for a child up to the age of three and the smaller version of the crib mattress can enable the parent to create a smaller sized crib that has been designed for a smaller scale nursery, an additional crib that can be used in the parent’s room or even a travel size crib that can be a great option for parents on the go.

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Why Are Organic Crib Mattresses Expensive?

organic crib mattressLike many of the other consumer products that are available, organic crib mattresses are slightly higher in price in comparison with the other types of traditional crib mattresses that can be chosen from.

Organic crib mattresses are created with non chemical ingredients and use natural components throughout the base of the mattress to provide support for the infant or toddler that is going to be sleeping on the mattress.

These natural components are not only more expensive to create, but more expensive to manufacture, as they are often manufactured in specialized facilities. As there is an increased cost that is associated with creating the organic mattress, this is reflected in the price that the consumer is charged for the mattresses that are being purchased.

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