Safely Using Crib Accessories

There are many accessories that can be used in a crib to compliment the design and make the crib more functional in the nursery. Crib mattresses can ensure that the child is going to remain comfortable while in the crib mattress and crib bedding sets are going to add a sense of design to the nursery while protecting the mattress that has been placed in the crib.

While installing the mattress into the crib it is important to ensure that the right size has been chosen. The crib mattress should be flush with the sides of the crib ensuring that the crib mattress is going to leave no gaps between the sides of the crib and the mattress. This way, there is going to be no chance of the infant … Continue Reading >>

Choosing Circular Cribs and Crib Mattresses

round cribOne of the biggest trends that we have seen this year is the emergence of circular cribs and oval shaped cribs that are used in the home.

Not only are these perfect for small spaces, but they can easily create a sense of whimsy through the nursery that is being designed and have a variety of accessories that can be used with them, including a canopy that can be placed atop the crib.

There are many places that crib bedding can be purchased. Using the internet, the customer can compare the costs of the circular crib mattresses and therefore can help to compare the prices between the various crib mattresses that are available.

There are many websites that allow the customer to enter the product that they are looking for … Continue Reading >>

How to Choose Crib Bedding for the Nursery

crib bedding setLuckily, most crib mattresses and cribs are designed with the same dimensions, allowing parents shopping for crib bedding to easily find that they are able to choose between the many choices that are available without having to compare the sizes (unless shopping for a specialty crib mattress and bedding). This way, the parent has a number of options that can be chosen from including shopping online through the latest baby boutiques, and modern styles or even shopping through department stores that have a wide range of styles that are available to choose from.

When choosing crib bedding for the nursery it is important to realize that as the largest piece in the room the crib is going to often become the focal point of the room. As the crib becomes … Continue Reading >>

Using a Crib Tent

crib tentCrib tents are just like they sound; a tent that is placed over the top of the crib. Though you may be under the impression that the crib tent is used for decoration to create a focal point in the room this is not the case. The crib tent is used in the space to ensure that a toddler that has learned to climb out of the crib is going to remain safe while sleeping in the crib and is going to not get hurt in the case that they are able to climb out of the crib.

This tent is attached to the top of the crib and is often created from white netting to ensure that there is adequate air flow throughout the crib tent and to ensure … Continue Reading >>

Modern Crib Trend: White and Dark Contrasting Cribs

Modern Crib TrendThis is one of the biggest trends that we have seen through the last year and it looks like it is going to continue into the next year. Designer crib companies are using contrasting finishes through the styles of the cribs that are being created to create dark and light finishes, like white and espresso on alternating sides of the crib.

High end designer brands are creating these styles that are sitting low to the ground and being created as some of the most stylish crib models that are available to choose from. Searching for these cribs can allow you to find inspiration through baby blogs, nursery design blogs and even through blogs that follow the latest trends for babies and toddlers.

While decorating the room around these styles of … Continue Reading >>

The Dangers of Drop Down Cribs

Drop down cribs that allow the parent to easily pull down the side for easy access to the child that is sleeping in the crib are some of the most popular models of cribs that are sold. Last year however, there was a recall that affected ninety percent of these cribs that had been sold by various companies, prompting parents to determine whether their crib was a model that was going to be affected by this recall.

The recall occurred because drop side down cribs were becoming detached in some cases and the child was getting lodged in between the drop side and the space where the crib mattress met the side of the crib, at times resulting in suffocation of the child that had been sleeping in the crib.… Continue Reading >>