The Safest Crib Mattress

There are certain things that parents should learn before shopping around for baby gear. Learning about the various types of crib mattresses can be an effective way to ensure that the crib mattress is going to be safe, supportive and ensure that the child is going to remain safe at all times while sleeping in the crib.

While choosing between crib mattresses, there are often two standard sizes that can be purchased. Miniature crib mattresses for cribs that have been designed for smaller spaces and portable cribs and crib mattresses that have been created for standard sized cribs, in a larger size. The first step to choosing the safest crib mattress is to ensure that the crib mattress is suited for the crib that it is being placed in and … Continue Reading >>

Purpose of an Organic Crib Mattress

Infants have not developed a full immune system at the time they are born and for this reason it is important to shield the infant from toxins and chemicals that they may come into contact with. Many people are unaware, but there are multiple toxins that are found in mattresses and chemicals that are used to create the components of the mattress.

The purpose of an organic crib mattress is to reduce the amount of toxins that the child is exposed to, assisting the child in gaining better health and reducing the instance of a reaction to the types of chemicals that are used throughout the mattress.

Organic ingredients are used that are completely natural to provide the fibers throughout the interior of the mattress and even through the exterior … Continue Reading >>